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Holland Hankido Seminars


Master Ko Baek-yong has arrived in Holland to teach a series of seminars for three months. At the end of his stay there will be a two week instructor seminar. During the last month of master Ko’s stay master Yang Yong-seok will join him. This article will be updated regularly with new pictures and stories about the seminars.

If you are interested in attending one or more of the seminars, please contact Klaas Barends for more information. The possibility to stay for a few days is available. Master Ko Baek-yong will mostly stay at Chongmukwan in Urk, which is about one hour from Amsterdam.

Master Ko Baek-yong is teaching mostly hankido with a strong emphasis on hankido’s visualisation techniques, hwansangdobeop, this time.


chongmukwan urk
ko baek yong