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Visit from Brazil


In the last week we were visited by a team from Brazil that is passionate about learning martial arts. They are currently touring Korea to film a documentary about martial arts in Korea. To learn about our martial art they stayed one week at the hankimuye headquarters in Incheon.


luiz miele hankido brazilLeader of the team is Luiz Miele (4th dan) who also happens to be the official representative of our federation in Brazil. Luiz came to Korea for the first time back in 1990 as a member of the Brazil team that took part in the first International Hapkido Games. This is when he met grandmaster Myung Jae-nam, founder of hankido, and master Ko Baek-yong.


Luiz and his students spend their time at the hankimuye headquarters focusing on hankido. Practicing hwansangdobeop in the park early in the morning and self defense during the day. They also participated in our hankumdo and taichi classes.

As part of their tour they visited many Korean martial arts masters. Aim of the documentary is to show the evolution of Korean martial arts.


luiz miele hankido