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The World Hankimuye Federation was founded in 2014 by master Ko Baek-yong. After master Ko Baek-yong passed away in 2017 his students continue to teach and promote the legacy master Ko left behind.

World Hanki Martial Arts Federation


The World Hankimuye Federation wants to promote hankimuye training according to the principles of circle, flow and harmony as taught to us by master Ko Baek-yong. We do this because we want to share the positive effects that martial arts training can have on people. Training together enhances these positives effects. The World Hankimuye Federation needs her members just as much as the members might need the federation.


The World Hankimuye Federation teaches the martial art of Hankimuye. Hankimuye is coherent approach to Hankido, Hapkido and Hapkido. We achieve our goals by setting high standards for ourself and our members.
We teach these hankimuye to an international audience and run a certification program for instructors. Schools that want to join our organisation are required to follow our certification program.
Provisional membership to our federation is open to anyone who is following our program. Full membership is only available to those schools which have successfully passed certification.
We strive to make high quality martial arts instruction available to a wider audience. We do this with a martial arts program that is highly sophisticated. Our curriculum is traditional but not conservative.

Chart and structure

hankimuye organisation chart

President and senior advisors

The president heads our federation and is also the chairman of the board of senior advisors. The senior advisors are people from both inside and outside our organisation whose opinion and advice is greatly valued. They have a long standing with the martial arts community. Our current president is master Yang Yong-seok.

Head instructor

The role of the head instructor is to safe guard that what we teach is compliant with the goals of our federation. Instructor Ko Se-hwan is the current head-instructor of our federation.

Daily board

The daily board is in charge of running the organisation on a practical level. Communicating with both members and outsiders and taking care of financial matters.

Technical board

The technical board consists of both our federation’s international instructors as well as people with a professional background in education. The technical board issues certificates for 4th dan and higher.


The committees take care of several organisational and technical matters. Some committees are permanent while others exist only temporary. The standing committees are the dan committee, educational committee and event committee. The dan committee is in charge of our curriculum. The educational committee is responsible for teaching new instructors. The event committee oversees the organisation of events like competitions and seminars.