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We aim at quality

The World Hankimuye Federation was founded in 2014 by master Ko Baek-yong. After master Ko Baek-yong passed away in 2017 his students continue to teach and promote the legacy master Ko left behind.

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and vision

Teaching quality

The World Hankimuye Federation promotes martial arts training according to the universal principles of circle, flow and harmony.


We preserve the style as it was taught to us by master Ko Baek-yong. Preservation in our view is not about static conservation, but about dynamic application.

What moves us

We do this because we want to share the positive effects that martial arts training can have on people. Training together enhances these positives effects.

High standards

Our organization teaches hankimuye. Hankimuye is coherent approach to hankido, hapkido and hankumdo. We achieve our goals by setting high standards for ourself and our members.

Making a Positive Impact

We strive to make high quality martial arts instruction available to a wider audience. We do this with a modern martial arts program that has proven itself. Our curriculum is traditional but not conservative.

Proud of Our Loyal and Constantly
Growing Dedicated Students

Hankimuye founded

Train with us

Our gym in Seoul, South-Korea, is open to everyone. Are you interested in learning a modern martial art with traditional values? Train with us.

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hankimuye hankimuye
hankimuye hankimuye

Meet Our Team

Dedicated instructors across the globe are ready to help you on your martial arts journey.

Tijmen de Heus

Tijmen de Heus

Senior Advisor
Jenne Meijster Hankimuye

Jenne Meijster

Senior Advisor
Yang Seunghwa

Yang Seung-hwa

Junior instructor (4th dan)
David Kwakernaak hankimuye

David Kwakernaak

Junior Instructor (4th dan)

Join our family

We like to see our organization as a family. A community connected by, in our case, a love for martial arts.

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We are always looking for smart,
enthusiastic martial artists with fresh ideas
and a love for the art!