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What does ‘Hankimuye’ mean?
Hankimuye literally means ‘Korean ki martial arts’. Martial arts that originate from Korea and where the conversion of power (hapki) is taught ie. learning how to use the energy of your opponent to your advantage.

Is Hankimuye a new martial art?
Yes and no. Hankimuye stands for the way we feel martial arts can best be practiced and taught.  We acknowledge that practicing martial arts can be beneficial both to individuals and to society as a whole. Hankimuye is the combination of three martial arts (hapkido, hankido and hankumdo) into one coherent system. Steeped in tradition but with an eye on the future, that’s how we want hankimuye to be a martial art that develops to modern needs.

Can everyone join your federation?
Everyone is welcome to join our federation. Contact us if you want more information.

How can I start training?
The best thing would be to check if there is a school near you. One of our instructors might teach a seminar in your area, or you can invite an instructor to teach a seminar. Our gym in Korea can house visitors for longer periods of time.

Who was master Ko Baek-yong?
Master Ko Baek-yong wa the most prominent student of the late master Myung Jae-nam. Myung Jae-nam was the founder of Hankido. Master Ko Baek-yong was the most senior student who taught Hankido actively besides Myung Jae-nam. Master Ko Baek-yong passed away in 2017, our federation continues to teach his particular style of hankido.

Can I come train?
You are more than welcome to come train with us. Our gym is located in Seoul, you can find the address at the bottom of the page. We appreciate it if you notify us of your visit before hand. Across the street from the gym you will find a guesthouse where you can stay if you want to. It offers affordable accommodation to those who want to train with us for a long time.