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Invitation to high dan test


Our federation has made a list of people who are eligible to test for a high dan rank in 2016.


hankido exam
Dan exams 2015
The following persons are invited to test this year.

6th dan
Jenne Meyster (Netherlands)
Edith de Heus – Boogaard (Netherlands)

5th dan
Evert Bos (Netherlands)
Jelle Post (Netherlands)
Paulus van Slooten (Netherlands)

4th dan
Sami Munukka (Finland)
Tom Foucha (USA)
Justin van Doorn (Netherlands)

The exam

The tests for these higher dan take place in two fases. The first fase is a theoretical part, the candidates have to write an essay about two subjects. In the mandatory subject they are expected to give their view on hankido self defense. For the second subject they can pick a topic that has their special interest. The essay should be written in English or Korean. (Example)
Dates for the practical test have yet to be determined. Master Ko Baek-yong will be visiting Europe in May of this year and the USA in the fall of 2016. We ask the invitees to set their schedules accordingly. Additionally there is always the possibility to test in Korea.

Lower dan test

In addition to the high dan test there will also be the possibility for people to test for dan 1, 2 and 3. Your teacher will invite you to these tests if he deems you ready to do so.
Our head quarters extends a special invitation the following people to test in 2016.

3rd dan
Satu Munukka (Finland)

2nd dan
Jukka Teuronen (Finland)