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Athens Spring Seminar 2024


In Athens the start of spring was kicked off with a set of open seminars and geup tests for the local students. Instructor David Kwakernaak (4th dan) from the Netherlands traveled to Greece during the first weekend of March to teach a set of self defense classes.

Hankimuye Athens

hankimuye seminars march 2024 athens greece
joint locks explained

David was accompanied by Klaas Barends (6th dan) who oversaw the seminars and the geup tests on Sunday afternoon. Alkiviadis Konstantopoulous (2nd dan) runs a school in Markopoulou, one of Athens’ suburbs, and had invited both instructors to Greece. Besides training there was also time to visit a few archeological sites like the famous Acropolis and the temple of Poseidon. The hospitality of the Greeks is famous and didn’t dissapoint this time either.

Both teachers were accompanied by student Jan de Vries (3rd geup) who also joined the seminars. Lending a helping hand where possible.

Fall seminars

In the fall of 2024 the European schools hope to invite head-instructor Ko Se-hwan (7th dan) to teach a series of seminar. In preparation of this visit several seminars will be taught in the months to come. Visits are planned to both Spain and Finland. If you are interested in hosting a seminar either in the fall with master Ko Se-hwan or before that, feel free to contact us.