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Hankido Festival


Chongmukwan in the Netherlands will host a Hankido Festival on May 30 this year with master Ko Baek-yong. The festival will take place in the new dojang of Chongmukwan. The festival is part of master Ko’s three month tour to visit our federation’s schools in Europe.

hankido festivalDuring his tour master Ko Baek-yong wishes to visit as many schools as possible and teach our federation’s instructors. Part of the tour is the 120-hour hankido instructor course in July.

Hankido festival

The festival in May is open to everyone who is interested in learning hankido. For people from overseas it is possible to stay up to a week at the school and train with master Ko Baek-yong in a personal setting.
During the festival there will be two seminars, one for geup-level students and one for black belt-level students and instructors.


Contact instructor Klaas Barends for more information. More information (in Dutch) is available at the website of the Dutch HKD Federation.