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Hankido seminars in Istanbul


The Dutch hankido instructors from our federation are key in educating the other member schools in Europe. Instructors Wim van der Linden (4th dan) and Mustafa Fidanci (2nd dan) visited our schools in Istanbul, Turkey for a long weekend of seminars and private teaching.

Hankido Turkey

hankido turkeyBoth instructor were invited by Cem Uymak of the Turkish Hankido Federation. The goal of the visit was to educate the Turkish organisation and to prepare them for their next black belt test. To make the visit as efficient as possible a lot of private sessions were scheduled. Our federation now has three recognized instructors in Turkey: Cem Uymak, Yasin Erdoğan and Fatih Çakır.
At the end of the seminars Cem received his official certificate of membership.


On Saturday a visit was made to a martial arts school in Vize, located about 100 kilometers from Istanbul in the Kırklareli province. Participants received an introduction in hankido and hankumdo.

When master Ko Baek-yong visits the Netherlands this summer, instructors of the Turkish Hankido Federation plan to participate in the 120-hour instructor course.