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Weekend seminar in Finland


In preparation of master Ko Baek-yong’s upcoming visit to Finland in May of this year, instructor Klaas Barends from the Dutch Hankido Federation visited Finland for a weekend filled with hankido and hankumdo training.


hankido finland hankumdo lohjaKlaas visited Finland on the invitation of Sangmukwan Finland in Lohja. Fresh from the plane, a two hour hankumdo session was planned on Friday night. A lot of technical details of the hankumdo forms got highlighted and Klaas introduced the hangul-begi for the first time. All in all it was a very educational night for everyone who attended.


On Saturday two sessions of each two hours were planned. With a small one hour break in between the two sessions. Klaas introduced his ‘ABC of self defense’. The A stands (in Finnish) for Asema. Asema can be translated as position, in English we use ‘Advantageous postion’. The B and C stand for Balance and Control. According to Klaas you should first take care of your position, after which you can break your opponent’s balance and only we you break his balance can you seize control.

Besides members of the Finnish hankido school members of Mudo Lohja joined the second part of the seminar.


On Sunday morning a private session was taught to instructor Jukka and Jouni of Sangmukwan Finland. After this private session another two hour public seminar followed. This time the material of the previous two days was reviewed.
Master Ko Baek-yong will visit Finland from May 7 until 12. Keep an eye on for more information.