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Leon de Heus promoted to 9th dan


On Sunday October 22, 2023 master Leon de Heus tested successfully for 9th dan. On Saturday October 28 master Yang Yong-seok awarded him with this high grade. Leon started his martial arts career 40 years ago in IJsselstein.

Leon wasn’t the only one who was awarded with a high grade. His father, Tijmen de Heus, and Jenne Meyster were awarded with the senior dan grade that comes with their role as wonlo (senior advisor) of our federation. Tijmen started training at the same time as Leon, while Jenne started his martial art career in 1990 as a student of Leon. As a federation we are glad to have dedicated members like these two gentlemen who have always supported our organisation and helped make possible the growth of our federation. Growth not only in sheer number of members, but growth in quality of technique and teaching methods as well. Both Tijmen and Jenne were presented with a plaque and a personal calligraphy by master Yang.


Our federation is still young, but with both master Yang Yong-seok and master Leon de Heus as 9th dan instructors and the backing of two senior masters in the role of wonlo, we believe our federation is ready for the future.


Ever since the founding of the World Hankimuye Federation in 2014 by master Ko Baek-yong we have worked on esthablishing a curriculum for our federation that prepares us for the future. Although we can look back on a long tradition, we are not a organisation for traditional martial arts. Our eyes are on the future and as an organisation we should stay relevant in a world that changes around us. The basic principles of circle, flow and harmony give us a sound foundation to build upon.