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New certification program


Our federation’s leaders have developed three new certification programs. Next to rearranging the black belt requirements for hankido and hankumdo a new instructor certification program is introduced.

Dan rank

hankido instructorWith the steady growth of our federation more clarity was needed in what we expect of our students when they test for black belt ranks. The hankido and hankumdo curriculum have now been completely seperated and students can test for dan rank in both systems. The new system offers students a better structure and makes it easier for them to prepare for their next test.

Instructor Certification

The World Hankimuye Federation wants to offer quality martial arts instruction to a wide audience. To safe guard the quality of instruction an certification program has been developed.
The World Hankimuye Federation has five levels of teachers. These are:

  • Assistant (from 3rd geup, red belt)
  • Trainer (from 2nd dan)
  • Instructor (from 4th dan)
  • National Instructor (from 5th dan)
  • International Instructor (from 6th dan)

In December the first trainers and instructors will be tested in the Netherlands, after that we hope to install the program world wide.