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Yesang Geombeop

A big part of our hankumdo system was developed by master Han Si-hwan. Master Han passed away in 2005 but his legacy is still very much alive. Master Han taught an extensive array of forms, defensive and offensive skills and sword strategy.
yesang geombeopThe World Hanki Martial Arts Federation aims to preserve master Han’s original teachings. One set of forms that was taught by master Han are the ‘yesang geombeop’. Yesang means rainbow, this is why the forms are also known as ‘rainbow forms’. Geombeop means ‘sword method’.

Yesang geombeop

The first and second yesang geombeop are taught in five different parts. The first part consists of a basic form. In the second, third and fourth part different skills are added to the first basic form. In the fifth part the form is complete by glueing the previous four forms together.
The third yesang geombeop is the original yesang geombeop. In this form elements of the first and second yesang geombeop as well as new techniques are combined to create one long form.