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European H.K.D. Seminars 2014


In the spring of 2014 master Ko Baek-yong (9th dan) will visit schools across Europe to teach hankido, hankumdo and hapkido. Master Ko Baek-yong will be accompanied by his son, international instructor Ko Se-hwan (5th dan). We invite anyone to join one of the many seminars that will be held this time.


April 8 – 14
hankido seminar turkey 2014During the first leg of his tour master Ko Baek-yong will stay in Istanbul. At the invitation of Cem Uymak of the Korean Sports Federation several seminars will be taught. Most notably the seminars at the Maltepe sports center on April 12 and 13


April 14 – 21
The second part of his tour brings master Ko Baek-yong to Finland. Since 2008 several school in Finland teach hankido, following the style of master Ko Baek-yong. Master Ko will be teaching on a daily basis. During the easter weekend on April 19 and 20 open seminars will be taught at the Lohja sports center.


April 21 – May 5
During his visit to the Netherlands master Ko Baek-yong will visit all the schools in the region. A open seminar will be taught in Veldhoven on April 27.

More information

For more information about the seminars and the possibility to participate, please contact Klaas Barends (hankido@gmail.com0