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Photo blog: Finland day 6


Today was another busy day in Finland. It started with a combined black belt and red belt test. Jouni Lahtinen tested for his black belt (first dan) while his partner during the test, Antti Kuismanen, tested for red belt. After this test several other members of the Finnish Hankido Federation tested for their next coloured belt (geup).

Before the results of the tests were announced everyone participated in a three hours seminar. The seminar started with training basic kicks and falling techniques. In the second part of the seminar hankido was being taught and hankumdo in the third and last hour of the seminar.
At the end of the day it was time to share the results of the exams. Everyone had passed his or her tests and was presented with an official certificate. We would like to congratulate Jouni with his black belt. He is the fifth person in Finland to achieve this level.

Black belt test

Geup test



ko sehwan hankimuye