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120 hour instructor course


Are you interested in learning and teaching hankido? In the summer of 2015 we will host our first ‘120 hour instructor course’ in the Netherlands. In two weeks time you will follow a intensive two week training program with ten hours of training each day. In these two week you will get acquainted with the entire black curriculum of our federation. When you successfully complete the whole program you will be given permission to teach hankido at your local school.

The course

hankido instructor courseIn twelve days we will guide you through the entire black belt curriculum. This means we will be teaching you the basic positions, falling technique, kicking and striking technique and of course hankido self defence and hankumdo. With that much information you will understand that this course won’t be an easy undertaking. Every day there will be five two hour blocks of instruction.

You will be instructed by master Ko Baek-yong (9th dan) and international instructors of our federation.

For who?

This event is open to anyone who is interested in learning hankido. By starting off with this intensive course you can really kickstart your martial arts career. Also seasoned martial artists will find that this course has a lot to offer to them.

ijsselstein hapkido adultsThe course will start on Monday July 20, 2015. There will be a rest day on Sunday July 26. The closing and award ceremony on Saturday August 1. Certificates will be presented those who have successfully completed the entire course.


The costs for the entire course are 1200 USD (890 euro). For this you will not only receive instruction but it includes accommodation and three meals a day. Participants will also receive a brand new HKD uniform and a special T-shirt. Master Ko Baek-yong’s will also be present, she will take care of catering. So you can expect to eat some delicious Korean food as well.


Registration is now open. Please email your full name, address and motivation to


Here are some questions you might have, already answered by us.

Can I get a black belt?
This course is a good step forward to receiving your black belt. However is you are an absolute beginner 120 hours of instruction is not enough to test for your black belt.
Members of our federation who have trained under a WHMAF instructor might be given the opportunity to test for their next grade at the end of the course. They will need written permission of their instructor to do so. We also expect their instructor to be present at the test.

Where do we stay?
ons sporthuisThe whole event will take place at a brand new sports facility in Urk, the Netherlands. At the moment of writing this facility still being build. Look at Ons Sporthuis to get an impression.
You will not only train there, this is also the place where you will spend your time. The accommodation is located near the woods and there is a swimming pool within walking distance.

How to get there?
We will add a map to the training facility as soon as possible. International participants will be picked up from Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam. We ask you to schedule your flight to arrive on Sunday July 19. Book your flight back on Sunday August 2.

Can I start my own club?
People who complete the entire course will be given permission to teach hankido at their local club and can start their own club if they want to.

Two weeks? What if I can only participate for one week?
This option is only available to Dutch students. However participants who sign up for the full two week course will be given priority. The costs for one week of training are 700 USD (520 euro)

How many people can participate?
There is room for 20 participants. Applications will be handled on a first come, first serve basis.