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Opening of the Hankimuye Headquarters


The official opening of the World Hanki Martial Arts Headquarters in Incheon was attended by officials of Incheon City, senior and junior practitioners of hankido as well as representatives of the Korean Taichi Federation. Master Yang Yong-seok opened the new headquarters by introducing all attendees. Master Ko Baek-yong spoke a word of welcome and demonstrations were being given by foreign instructors of our federation. International instructor Ko Se-hwan gave a technical explanation.

Awards were given to both Taichi master Seo Myung-won and calligrapher Yun In-gu. These gentlemen accepted advisory roles within our federation for martial and cultural development within our federation.

After the official opening a buffet was waiting all attendees. The new headquarters are located in downtown Incheon, behind Incheon City Hall.