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Hankimuye Spring Training Camp


In the first week of master Ko Baek-yong’s visit to the Netherlands he taught a week long HKD training camp at Chongmukwan in Urk. Participants from several Dutch schools trained three times a day under the ever watchful eye of master Ko. Each session lasted at least two hours.

Mike Assink hankimuyeMany participants saw the training as the ultimate preparation for the upcoming dan-exams that will take place later this month. Basic training in the morning, kicking, falling and hankumdo practice in the afternoon followed by hankido training in the evening were the main ingredients for this training camp. Add to this lots of fun and friendship and anyone will understand that it was a week to never forget.
In the upcoming week master Ko Baek-yong will teach a similar training camp in Finland. After that he will return to the Netherlands for two more weeks to teach at the schools of the Dutch HKD Federation.