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Spain Hankimuye Seminar


The second hankimuye seminar weekend in Spain took place in Alicante and Valencia. Instructor Klaas Barends traveled to Spain on the invitation of David Martinez. On Saturday morning, October 8, Klaas taught a seminar with David in Alicante. In the afternoon and on Sunday morning Klaas taught the finer details of hankido and hankumdo. to a group of black belts.


hankido alicante spainKlaas and David taught a combined hapkido/hankido seminar at the school of master Jesus Castellanos. Master Castellanos is the president of the National Taekwondo Federation in Spain. He invited Myung Jae-nam kuksanim to Spain in 1995 and thus played a major role in the introduction of hankido in Spain. During the seminar David taught familiar hapkido techniques, with Klaas later explaining the hankido principles behind the technique and how these principles could be used to gain more insight hapkido. The attendees enjoyed the clear explanation of both instructors and the many eye-openers that were supplied. At the same time instructor Carlos Lean Campón taught a seminar to the kids, explaining the same technique at a more suitable level.
We would like to thank master Castellanos of giving us the opportunity to teach at his school and all the participants for their enthusiasm and open mind.


After a nice lunch Klaas, David and Carlos moved to Valencia. In the afternoon Klaas taught another three hour class to a group of hankido black belt students of David and Carlos. On Sunday morning another seminar followed. Instructors David and Carlos received the official hankimuye school membership certificates. Plans were made to follow up these seminars with a visit of master Ko Baek-yong to Spain in 2017.

In between the seminars and on Sunday afternoon Klaas got the chance to enjoy the Spanish hospitality and visit some of Alicante and Valencia’s famous landmarks.