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Winter Seminar Finland 2017


Two instructors from our federation taught a weekend seminar in Finland from December 9 till December 11. Wim van der Linden and Klaas Barends were invited by Sami Munnuka to teach at the newly opened Finnish Hankido headquarters near Helsinki. The Dutch and Finnish federation keep close contact and visits are made regularly back and forth. Earlier this year Sami and Satu Munnuka tested for their fourth and third dan respectively. During the seminars they received their official certificates from our federation.

In 2013 the Finland Hankido Federation hosted a Hankido Winter Seminar. This time plans were made to organize another Winter Seminar in 2017. From February 3rd until February 5th you are invited to take part in the Hankido Winter Seminars 2017.


Winter Seminar 2013
Winter Seminar 2013

Classes will be taught by several instructors of our federation at the Finnish Hankido headquarters. Most notably instructor Ko Sehwan from Korea will teach the classes on Saturday and Sunday. In between the seminars you will get the chance to enjoy traditional Finnish winter activities like sleigh riding, ice swimming, sauna and of course a snow fight. The costs for the seminar are 120 euro per person (excl. the flight to Finland).


The Finnish Hankido headquarters will serve as your sleeping accommodation. This way we can keep the cost of the seminar to a minimum. Don’t forget to bring your own sleeping gear (pillow and sleeping bag).
For the ice swimming part you will need flipflops, swimming clothes and a big towel. Since temperatures usually drop far below zero in February, don’t forget to bring warm clothes (scarf, gloves, boots, etc.)

ice swimming finland
Ice swimming venue


Instructor Ko Sehwan will stay in Finland until February 10. He will teach daily at the headquarters of the Finnish Hankido Federation. Finnish students who are interested in attending these classes should contact Sami Munnuka for the training schedule and pricing.

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