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Hankido Spain


Instructor Klaas Barends visited Palma de Mallorca to teach a hankido seminar to the members of our federation in Spain. Klaas was invited by Pedro Campillo Frontera who is in charge of the hankido school on the island. Two years ago Pedro invited master Ko Baek-yong to introduce hankido on Majorca. It was Klaas who assisted master Ko at that time. This time Klaas was assisted by Wim van der Linden and Mustafa Fidanci who had volunteered to come to Majorca with him.

Hankido seminars

hankido spainThe seminars started with a private class on Friday night for Pedro. This class focused on teaching methods. On Saturday about 25 students attended the open seminar. Klaas taught hankido basic and intermediate techniques and principles during two three hour sessions.

At the end of the seminar all participants received a certificate of participation. In June Klaas will visit Majorca again for a follow-up seminar.


hankido spain
pedro hankimuye spain