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Hankimuye Summercamp


Eight hours of training a day for a whole week. Topped off with a black belt exam for some of the participants. Add some Siljeon Gyeoksuldo and you have the perfect ingredients for a successfull Hankimuye Summercamp.


Starting on Monday July 15, the summercamp took place in the Netherlands. Chongmukwan let us use their gym for the whole week. Masters Nam Gi-seok and Oh Jeong-taek of the World Siljeon Gyeoksuldo Federation volunteered to teach a three hour session each afternoon to give the participants a glimpse in the Siljeon Gyeoksuldo system. In the morning and evening master Ko Se-hwan taught hankido to a group of over 30 participants.

Hankimuye Summercamp 2019

The atmosphere on and off the mat was great. Everyone worked hard and was eager to learn. People from many Dutch schools joined and even students from Finland flew in to be able to share mat time.

Dan test

On Saturday July 20 the mat filled with 19 people ready to test for either their first or next dan grade. Most of them had participated in the summercamp. Five young ladies and fourteen guys tested succesfully. We would like to congratulate them on a job well done.

4th dan: Levi (CMK)

2nd dan: Klaas (CMK) and Ryan (CMK)

1st dan: Peter (SMK), Ornelo (SMK), Michael (SMK), Werner (CMK), Maarten (SMK), Pieter (CMK), Ida (CMK), Seline (CMK), Amber (CMK), Simon (CMK), Willem (CMK), Levi (SMK), Florantijn (SMK), Armani (SMK), Wannakhon (SMK) and Jaydee (SMK),