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Hankimuye Master Course 2019


From September 30 until October 5 the first Hankimuye Master Course took place at the headquarters of our federation in South-Korea. The goal of this event was to discus the future of our federation and to set a course for the following years.

In between the trainings the instructors discussed the direction in which they want to take our federation. The result of these discussions will be shared with our members in the upcoming month. Right here we would like to share the new mission statement of the World Hankimuye Federation.


The World Hankimuye Federation wants to promote hankido training according to the principles of circle, flow and harmony as taught to us by master Ko Baek-yong.

Remembering master Ko Baek-yong

On Saturday October 5 a small ceremony took place to commemorate master Ko Baek-yong who passed away two years ago.