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First hankimuye black belt tests in Spain


In October instructors Ko Sehwan and Klaas Barends will pay a visit to the members of the World Hankimuye Federation in Spain. They have been invited by Pedro Campillo of the hankimuye school on Mallorca. This visit will mark a first for three members of our federation as they will test for their first degree black belt.

hankimuye spain mallorca 2018
Klaas, Sehwan and Pedro in 2018

In the spring of 2016 master Ko Baek-yong travelled to Spain at the invitation of Pedro to give an introduction to the hankimuye system. Annual visits from instructors to Spain and a trip to Korea by Pedro and Sonia followed. Three senior students have been invited to test for their first dan. Paco, Sonia en Pep will demonstrate their skills on Saturday, October 15 at the school in Llucmajor.