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Seminars and exams in Spain


Our head-instructor, master Ko Sehwan, is currently visiting Spain at the invitation of Pedro Campillo of Escuela Hwarang in Mallorca.

Pedro and his students started training the hankimuye way back in 2016 when master Ko Baek-yong introduced the system. After that many visits and seminars followed. This time three students were deemed ready to test for their first degree (dan) black belt. Sonia, Paco and Pep were thus the first students in Spain to do this test.


Before the test there were two seminars for students to take part in. One more seminar is scheduled for Sunday. Master Ko Sehwan introduced another level of the hankimuye principles. This provided the participants with quite a few eye-openers.

Hankimuye Seminar Participants

On Saturday after a two hour seminar the people who had prepared for the test were called forward and had to show a wide variety of skills during yet another hour and half.

The result was excellents. All three students proofed that they were more than worthy to receive their black belt. Congratulations to the three new black belts and a big thank you to all the other people who helped make this possible.

After another intensive training session on Sunday, master Ko Sehwan will fly to the Netherlands to visit the hankimuye schools there.