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Free e-courses


From today you can follow three free e-courses on our e-commerce website. In three courses instructor Klaas Barends will take you through the Chongmukwan curriculum for all coloured belts. These courses should give you a good idea of the hankimuye curriculum.

Stretching tips

There are three courses:

  1. Chongmukwan Basics (white, yellow and orange belt)
  2. Chongmukwan Intermediate (green, blue and purple belt)
  3. Chongmukwan Advanced (red belt and higher)

Every course is divided into modules like basics, falling, strikes, etc. Every module is divided up into lessons. Within the kicking modules you will find lessons for each individual kick.

The courses are in English and for every lesson a video is available with clear instruction.

Example lesson

In this example video Klaas teaches the blue belt locks