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Master Klaas Barends

Klaas Barends (바렌츠 클라스, 6th dan) became a student of master Ko Baek-yong in 2004. Klaas studies hankido in the Netherlands with Leon de Heus. In 2002, while visiting Korea for the 4th time, he got the idea to dedicate one year to full-time hankido study in Korea. In 2004 he moved to Korea and stayed with master Ko Baek-yong, not one but two years.

Not only did Klaas learn hankido, he also studied Korean language. After his return to the Netherlands Klaas soon started teaching seminars, not only at his own school (Chongmukwan) but also internationally.

Klaas is the chairman of the educational committee which is responsible for teaching and coaching instructors. In this role Klaas travels the world to teach hankido and hankumdo at international seminars. Klaas has taught seminars in Brazil, the United States, Thailand, Finland, Turkey, Spain, Haïti, Germany, Greece and Russia. If you are interested in learning hankimuye, you can contact Klaas for more information.