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Hankimuye Seminars 2022


How much can one person learn in three weeks? A lot apparently. Especially when your teacher is master Ko Sehwan (7th dan), head-instructor of our federation. Master Ko travelled to Europe to teach the instructors and members of our the World Hankimuye Federation in Spain and the Netherlands. Here is an overview of what those three weeks looked like.

This article is packed with photo’s. If you have photo’s of these events you would like to share with us, please e-mail them to

Week 1: Kick off and Spain

On Monday October 10 master Ko Sehwan arrived early in the morning at Amsterdam airport. From the airport it was almost straight to the Chongmukwan dojang in Urk. The day was spend with a long stroll through the forrest to walk off the jetlag, a few cups of coffee and two training sessions in the evening to end the day. The seminars were of to a good start. The following day was spend teaching private sessions to some Chongmukwan instructors and two introduction classes to the members of the Hankimuye club in Emmeloord. On Wednesday afternoon two classes were taught to some of the younger Chongmukwan members after which master Ko Sehwan headed back to Amsterdam airport to board a plane to Spain. Destination Mallorca. Instructors Klaas Barends and David Kwakernaak accompanied master Ko Sehwan.


For master Ko it was the second visit to the school of Pedro Campillo. On Thursday there was a little bit of time for sightseeing, but the rest of the weekend was packed with seminars. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday several sessions were taught. The group on Mallorca started seven years when master Ko Baek-yong introduced hankimuye at the invitation of Pedro. For master Ko Sehwan it was the second time to teach the group. Three members were given the opportunity to test for their first degree (dan) black belt. Paco, Sonia and Pep passed their tests and can thus boast that they were the first Mallorcans who ever test for their first dan hankimuye on the island.


From Greece Alkiviadis Konstantopoulous joined the seminars. He has recently reopened his school in Athens and will soon start teaching hankimuye classes. His school joined our federation and is thus the first hankimuye school in Greece. We are glad to have Alkivadis onboard with us.

Week 2: Chongmukwan

The second week started with two days of sightseeing in Barcelona. Highlights were of course visits to the Sagrada Familia and Camp Nou, the F.C. Barcelona stadium. On Wednesday it was time to get back on the mat. Again the program was packed with training sessions. During the day several private sessions were planned with instructors. In the afternoon it was the kids’ turn to learn from master Ko, while the adults were expected on the mat in the evening. On Wednesday night a special class was taught for the members of Chongmukwan in Amsterdam.

The themes during these weeks were hankimuye strikes and the importance of good body structure when executing techniques. Extra attention was giving to the work the legs have to put in to create and stay in the good position. Lots of soar upper legs after each session were the result.

On Saturday October 22 a open seminar was organised by Chongmukwan for both members and non-members to get a thorough introduction into hankimuye. The seminar lasted five ours and the gym was packed with enthusiasts who enjoyed every minute of it. Master Ko Sehwan offered many eye openers to the participants. His mastery of the techniques is inspiring and his open and friendly way of instruction makes you forget the pain in your body.

Week 3: Sangmukwan

After two weeks at Chongmukwan in Urk it was time for master Ko Sehwan to head to Sangmukwan in IJsselstein. Sangmukwan is run by Leon de Heus and acts as the headquarters of hankimuye in the Netherlands. On Sunday we kicked off the week with a seminar of hankimuye instructors from the Netherlands. During this training two longtime members of our federation, Tijmen de Heus and Jenne Meijster, were promoted to senior advisors of the World Hankimuye Federation.

Autumn break

In the Netherlands the schools were closed during this time for a autumn break. The northern part, where Urk is located, had this break during the week before. In the south the schools closed for autumn break during this week. Enthusiast had thus plenty of time available to get as much training time with master Ko Sehwan as they wanted. We are happy that quite a few grabbed this opportunity. The future of hankimuye looks bright in the Netherlands. People came to IJsselstein to train with master Ko, who at his turn paid a visit to Jeilkwan in Den Bosch on Wednesday night. Needless to say that many energetic training sessions took place during this week just a well.

On Saturday October 29 a last three seminar took place at Sangmukwan for all those who wanted to say their good byes to master Ko. Three hours packed with high quality instruction and hard training is what the participants came for and they were not disappointed. One last chance to take some group photo’s and after that is was off to the airport.

We are looking back at three great weeks. After two and a half years of corona were are glad that events like these are possible again and we are determined to organise many more of these in the future.

Host a seminar

If you got inspired by this article and would like to invite master Ko Sehwan to your school for a seminar, please contact us to discus the possibilities.