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Roland van Boxtel: 4th degree black belt


In May Roland van Boxtel tested successfully for his 4th degree (dan) black belt while in Korea. Roland runs his own school, Jeilkwan, in the Netherlands. Together with two of his students he traveled to Korea for a two week long hankimuye camp.

Hankimuye 4th dan Roland
Leon and Roland

Roland started his school in 2016. Students Joost and Richard were among the first members of Jeilkwan. They both passed their test for first degree black belt, the first jeilkwan members to accomplish this feat.

The exam was conducted under the watchful eyes of masters Yang Yong-seok (9th dan) and Ko Sehwan (7th dan). Back in the Netherlands Roland received his certificate out of the hands of master Leon de Heus (8th dan).

Part of the proces to pass their fourth dan, examinees has to write an essay. Roland’s essay is available for download.