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2nd dan for Alkiviadis  Konstantopoulos


On Sunday October 22 Alkiviadis tested successfully for his second grade black belt (dan) at the Dutch hankimuye headquarters in the Netherlands. Alkiviadis traveled to the Netherlands to take part in the seminars with master Yang Yong-seok and Ko Se-hwan.

dan test ijsselstein

Alkiviadis started training many years ago, but after the death of his instructor, Michalis Rozakis, there was no one to head the organisation in Greece anymore. Last year, after attending the European hankimuye seminars in Spain, Alkiviadis started a new club in the city of Athens.

Together with his brother, Ulysses (who tested for red belt), he teaches hankimuye several times a week to a growing number of students. We are glad that Alkiviadis is now heading the Greek hankimuye movement. If you happen to live in Greece and are interested in joining our organisation, contact Alkiviadis thru his website.