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Hankimuye seminar Brazil


Instructor Klaas Barends will be traveling to Brazil to meet and train with members of the Brazilian Hankimuye Group. On September 19 a seminar will take place in São Paulo.


hankimuye brazilKlaas visits Brazil on the invitation of Luiz Miele, representative of the World Hankimuye Federation in Brazil. Klaas will be teaching both hankido and hankumdo. The seminar starts at 10 am and is expected to end at 5 pm. Participants will receive a certificate. If you are interested in training with Klaas, please contact Luiz for more information. Klaas will be in Brazil from September 11 until 22.

Seminar poster

brazil hankido seminar poster

Hankido in Brazil

Back in 1990 Luiz Miele was a member of the Brazilian team that participated in the first International HKD Games in Korea. He met with hankido founder Myung Jae-nam and started learning hankido directly from him. This makes Luiz the most senior hankido practitioner in South-America.
He traveled to Korea again in 1994 to take part in the second edition of the HKD Games. To learn more about hankido he decided to start learning from master Ko Baek-yong. In 2000 Luiz spend two months with master Ko Baek-yong in Korea. In 2005 and 2006 Luiz helped master Ko Baek-yong translating the subtitles for master Ko’s Hankido DVD’s. Recently Luiz visited Korea again with a couple of students to train at the Hankimuye headquarters.
Klaas and Luiz met in the summer of 2000 when they both stayed in master Ko Baek-yong’s gym. There was an immediate click between both instructors as they share the same passion for martial arts.