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Successful Summer Camp


Every year we host a HKD Summer Camp. Once every two years the camp takes place in Korea, the other year the camp takes place in dojang of Chongmukwan in the Netherlands. This year it was Chongmukwan’s turn to organize the camp. Students from many Duthc member schools stayed at the dojang to train with instructors Ko Sehwan and Klaas Barends.


To get an impression of the summer camp, watch the video


summer camp 2017After a early breakfast the participants were expected on the mat for their first training. Three hours of training before lunch, topics covered included sword training (hankumdo), self-defense principles (hankido) and basics. After lunch everyone was expected back on the mat for another three to four hours of training. In the afternoon the main topics were strikes (gwonbeop) and forms (sangmu hyeong). On Tuesday afternoon a special yoga session was taught.
Every evening instructor Klaas Barends taught a different topic and ended the day with a brutal interval training.

hankumdo instructionThe last day of the camp, Saturday, started with bamboo and tatami cutting. A first for most students, some who had only started to learn hankumdo at the camp. After some instruction everyone managed to make a clear cut. Five participants were invited to test for their next belt. Andreas, Tamara, Justin, Thijs and Wester passed their test with flying colors.
On Saturday afternoon the final class was taught by instructor Roland van Boxtel of Jeilkwan. Roland taught an intensive class on practical self-defense.

Summer camp 2018

Next year there will be a summer camp at our new training facility in South-Korea. Keep an eye on our website or facebook page or email us for more information.