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8th dan for Leon de Heus


Leon de Heus tested in front of master Ko Baek-yong and master Yang Yong-seok for his eight dan at the future headquarters of the World Hankimuye Federation. Leon was invited to test for this eight dan earlier this year and the test was supposed to take place in the Netherlands.

Dan test

Leon de Heus Ko Baek yongHowever we learned a few weeks back that master Ko Baek-yong suffers from cancer which makes it impossible for him to make the trip to the Netherlands. To support master Ko Baek-yong and his family Leon traveled to Korea with some students. Leon has been a student for over 28 years of master Ko Baek-yong and representative of Sangmukwan in the Netherlands.


Our new training facility is being build near Seosan City, about two hours south of Seoul. In our new dojang Leon tested for his eight dan, students Wim van der Linden and Roland van Boxtel tested for fifth and third degree black belt.

We congratulate all those who passed their test on a job wel done. Our federation is lucky to have such devoted students.