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CMK Summer Camp 2021


Eventhough the world is still in the grip of the current pandemic we want to look forward and start making plans for the future. That’s why we are glad to announce the plans for our bi-annual summer camp.

Hankimuye Summercamp 2019

The Chongmukwan-dojang has again been chosen as the place where the event will take place. We are glad they again have offered their cooperation to make this event possible.

Unfortunatly travel is still very much limited, which makes it impossible to for us to send instructors like master Ko Sehwan to the Netherlands this summer. Instead he will be teaching a daily lesson on hankumdo thru a videolink to the people who attend the morning program.

We have kept the costs to a bare minimum. Kids who follow the morning program pay only 5 euro for the whole week (just 1 euro per class) while the adults will be charged 10 euro for the whole week (just 2 euro per class). Payment can be done in person at the start of the camp.