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Open Seminar Great Success


On Saturday October 22 the Chongmukwan gym in Urk was packed with people eager to train with master Ko Sehwan (7th dan). It was the first seminar in about three years that we were able to organise due to the corona pandemic. It was good to see everyone back on the mat again.

In the week leading up to the seminar students of Chongmukwan had the opportunity to train with master Ko on several occasions. Most of them grabbed the opportunity with both hands and many of them showed up to multiple sessions in order to learn as much as possible. On Wednesday night master Ko taught a clinic for the members of Chongmukwan in Amsterdam.

The Seminar

The seminar on Saturday started with breakfast and coffee. A good time to get acquintated with new faces and catching up with old buddies. At 11 o’clock the seminar kicked off with a warming up and an introduction to hankimuye. During the lunch the organisation had fried fish ready for everyone, as is customary in Urk. The afternoon program lasted three hours during which master Ko Sehwan’s theme was ‘the flow of balance’. The last hour was spend on strikes and was a good opportunity for the participants to blow off any steam they had left. After the mandatory group photo most participants sticked around of a while to chat and drink coffee. All in all it was a good day and we look forward to hosting more events like these in the future.