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The following instructors put in time and effort to promote and teach hankimuye to a wider audience.

Board of advisors

Jenne Meijster calligraphy Yang Yong-seok hankimuye
Jenne Meijster being appointed to the role of wonlo in 2023.

The federation is watched over and adviced by a board of advisors (wonlo in Korean). Members of this board have a long history with our federation and are respected members of our community.

  • Jenne Meijster (6th dan)
  • Yang Yong-seok (9th dan)
  • Tijmen de Heus (4th dan)

International instructors

  • Leon de Heus (9th dan)
  • Ko Se-hwan (7th dan)
  • Klaas Barends (7th dan)

Junior instructors

  • Yang Seung-hwa (4th dan)
  • David Kwakernaak (4th dan)