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Author: gwanjang

Athens Spring Seminar 2024

In Athens the start of spring was kicked off with a set of open seminars and geup tests for the local students. Instructor David Kwakernaak (4th dan) from the Netherlands traveled to Greece during the first weekend of March to teach a set of self defense classes.

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First hankimuye black belt tests in Spain

In October instructors Ko Sehwan and Klaas Barends will pay a visit to the members of the World Hankimuye Federation in Spain. They have been invited by Pedro Campillo of the hankimuye school on Mallorca. This visit will mark a first for three members of our federation as they will test for their first degree black belt.

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Hankimuye Portugal

On the 30th of October instructor Klaas Barends will teach a seminar in Porto, Portugal. Klaas will teach a thorough introduction of both hankido and hapkido the way it is taught by our federation. A chance you don’t want to miss if you happen to be in the neighborhood.

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Hankimuye Magazine

We are proud to announce the first issue of the Hankimuye Magazine. Probably magazine is not the right word. It is a small book about hankido published in a magazine-format.


Introduction page

The first issue contains a lot of information about hankido. You can read about the founder, Myung Jae-nam, the founder of our federation, Ko Baek-yong, the core principles of hankido and the requirements for instructor advancement. The magazine is richly illustrated with many beautiful pictures.

Many instructors of our federation have collaborated to make the creation of this document possible. The official release date is April 20. At the annual Instructor Day in the Netherlands the magazine will be presented.


You can order the magazine directly from Orders will be shipped after April 20, 2019.

Sneak preview

Korean terminology

Sometimes students ask us what the Korean words are for certain techniques or they wonder what it is the instructor exactly says when he says ‘charyeot gyeongnye’ at the beginning of class.

hangul hankumdo keyboard

For those students we have compiled a list of Korean terms that might come in handy. The Korean words are romanized (converted from hangul to abc) using the rules of Revised Romanization of Korean method.


2018 Hankido Seminars

Plans for seminars in 2018 are starting to take shape. In January seminars have been confirmed with instructor Klaas Barends in Thailand and Spain. In May we will host another HKD Spring Seminar in Korea. In June we hope to welcome master Ko Se-hwan to Europe.

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Hankimuye Spring Training

Want to train martial arts in Korea? In the spring of 2018 our federation will host a two week hankimuye seminar at our new headquarters in Seosan, South-Korea. Two weeks filled with quality hankido, hapkido and hankumdo training.

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Hankido black belt tests

Master Ko Baek-yong is in Texas teaching instructors and student of Sangmukwan Texas. On Friday, October 28 three members of our federation tested successfully for their next black belt level. Instructor Tom Foucha was promoted to 4th-degree black belt while Lance McKee and Tim Sorensen, both trainers at Sangmukwan Texas, were promoted to 2nd-degree.

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Spain Hankimuye Seminar

The second hankimuye seminar weekend in Spain took place in Alicante and Valencia. Instructor Klaas Barends traveled to Spain on the invitation of David Martinez. On Saturday morning, October 8, Klaas taught a seminar with David in Alicante. In the afternoon and on Sunday morning Klaas taught the finer details of hankido and hankumdo. to a group of black belts.

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